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I Am The Earth

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This is a poem that was written by Satvik, my 9 year old grandson, and submitted for a Young Writers poetry competition. Of over 25,000 poems from all over the UK and overseas, this is one of the poems that has been chosen for publication in The Big Green Poetry Machine, London & The Home Counties Poets. The theme was on environment.

I Am The Earth

I am the Earth, a beautiful place

Where birds and sparrows sing.

I am the Earth, a beautiful place

Where plants grow thick and thin.

The animals live in harmony

The air is fresh and clean

I am the Earth, a beautiful place

Where every living thing has been.

Then man came and broke me down

He cut my trees for wood

He killed the animals for their fur

I wondered how he could.

The factories were choking me

The air was getting warm

But all I could do was watch and weep

Because man was killing its own.

Children of the world come and save me!

My future is in your hands

Stop these men from destroying me

And give me back my lands.

Donʼt use plastic, use paper or glass

Donʼt drive, may be cycle to school

Be kind to your neighbour, whatever his colour

For he is your brother, too.

Give back to the soil what youʼve taken from it

Grow lots of plants and trees

I am the Earth, a beautiful place

Letʼs keep it that way, please!

By Satvik Subramaniam

Aseem Kaistha
It's your attitude and not your aptitude that determines your altitude.

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