Monday, May 21, 2012



Idol of a goddess
Once a sculptor in a village made a beautiful idol of a goddess and thought of selling it at a good price in the city. So he loaded the idol on his donkey and started towards the city. When he was going through the village, the villagers bowed in front of the idol as it looked like a real goddess. Whichever street he crossed, a crowd would bow in front of the idol.
  Thrilled with the newfound respect
But a strange thing happened. TheDonkey, which was carrying the idol, thought that he was special and that was the reason why people were bowing to him. He was thrilled with his newfound respect.

Angry people
Soon the sculptor returned after selling the idol. While he was crossing the village, the donkey stopped in the middle of the road, expecting a warm welcome. But nobody paid attention to him. The donkey felt insulted and started braying, so much so, that the villagers drove him away.

Realized the truth
The same mistake, what the donkey did, is what most of us do. When we are on the divine path of self - realization, with God's grace, a glow enters our demeanor and we stand out in the crowd. People respect such persons and often bow in respect. But we should realize that people are bowing not to us but to that glimpse of God whom they realize resides within us. So the credit of this respect goes, solely to God, not to us. If we start taking the credit, we cross the thin line of demarcation and enter into an area of false ego, which God dislikes most.

The basic difference between material and devotional lifestyle is that, in material life the more we progress, the more ego we develop. In a devotional lifestyle, the more we progress, the more ego we shed.

Friday, May 11, 2012

3 Keys for Making Your Dreams a Reality

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

3 types of Student who want to attain Perfection

There are 3 types of Student who want to attain Perfection

as we study as a Student we have different levels in Institute
one who study in school is a student
one who study in College is also a student
one who study in Univ is also a student
but all have different Levels & understanding on subject

in Spirituality Subject matter is to attain our lost relationship with Absolute Truth (Param Satya)

Transcedentalist have 4 level according to Vedic Sastra

0) Kermi = eat sleep sex defending

1) Gyani = Knowledgeable person 
Concept : Understand God as Light , or Brham jyoti 
Goal : want to merge in Light

2) Yogi = Penance & Austries of Yogic Siddhi
Concept : Understand God as Super Soul, or Parmatma
Goal : Attain Higher Planet

3) Bhakt / Devotee = Surrender with Love & Devotion
Concept : Absolute Truth is Bhagwan God with Personal Features
Gaol : to attain Love of Godhead by taking shelter of bonafide spiritual master of Disciplic Succession