Thursday, November 20, 2008

I Appreciate You

I Appreciate You

I recently received an email from a friend. The email only contained three commonly used and familiar words, yet these three words from my friend had a different feel. This simple powerful phrase shook me.

"I appreciate you" is what the email read.

I gazed at this short sentence and read it over and over again. I could feel the transforming, uplifting power of these three words.

I have been thanked countless times,which is always proper and in order when someone does something for you. It is simply showing gratitude or giving credit for something that you are responsible for.

To appreciate means to recognize the significance, quality, or magnitude of.

(Appreciate freedom)

To be fully aware of or sensitive to; realize:

(I appreciate your problems)

To be thankful or show gratitude for:

(I appreciate your help)

To admire greatly; value

To raise in value or price.

My friend was not appreciating me for something I did or said to or for him personally or professionally. He was not appreciating a particular problem that I had or appreciating my help on a matter.

I appreciate YOU is what the email read.

That means I am appreciated, I am admired greatly, I am valued, and I am raised in value. He recognizes the significance, quality and magnitude of me, and who I am. He is thankful and shows gratitude for me.

As I absorbed the power of these three words and allowed them to penetrate and saturate my inner being, I considered whom the email was from. One of the many life lessons is to always consider the message and the source of messages that enter into your life constantly. Did they have any idea how powerfully profound and life-changing this one short statement would be?

Yet, they said to me, "I appreciate you."

That also means YOU (The one reading this).

Remember the definition of appreciate. You tend to invest in the things that you find value in. Our Heavenly Father also invests heavily in us.

Feel the power of "I APPRECIATE YOU."

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