Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Opportunity Behind the Pain

The Opportunity Behind the Pain

By anna

I was speaking to mum last night and was suddenly struck by much she is doingsunset.jpg since the death of dad. She misses him hugely, and they were devoted to each other, that made her grief hard, the bereavement process was a long one for mum.

Yet when I hear her now - she still speaks about Dad on most phone calls-she is getting on with her life and doing things that she would never have done before. In the 4 years she has started to play bowls,using public transport to visit friends (she would never have done that before), she goes on 2 holidays a year,she has bought a treadmill, she made some many new friends, she has joined 3 clubs etc

This made me think - behind all the heartache, behind all the pain there is also opportunity.You would never want a death to occur of your partner but when it happens,it opens up new doors that you never saw, or would never have gone through as a couple. For all the pain, there is an opportunity to live those personal dreams that you have always had…by living the opportunity, the irony is that it can ease the pain.

She is a role model, she is my mum….

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A New Beginning said...

Nice thought full of positivity:)