Thursday, January 19, 2012

Death Fear of All...

During the days of "Gautam Buddha" one young boy was addicted to bad habits and would behave very rudely with one and all. He began being looked upon as a criminal because of his anti social activities.

His mother tried her best to try and reform him, but could not succeed. Finally she decided to take her son to "Gautam Buddha" to seek his blessings. With great difficulty she convinced her son to meet "Buddha".

Both of them went to forest where Buddha was sitting under a tree doing meditation. The mother fell at his feet and began crying.

Buddha" asked her " Why are you crying?"

The mother said “My son is going on the road to self destruction and on the way to becoming a hardened criminal”. Please do something. Buddha looked at her son and said that it was too late now and that this young man was going to die in one day". Saying so, Buddha left the place.

Both mother and son were shocked to hear that and returned home feeling very low and depressed indeed and with neither being able to sleep that whole night with the fear of death hanging above them like the proverbial “Sword of Damocles”.

 23 hours went by, with just one hour left in the boy’s life, when they were paid a visit by Buddha.

Buddha asked the young boy "Have you indulged in any cheating /criminal activity/theft during these 23 hours ?"

The young man said "No"

"Did you tell lies?"Again the young man replied in the negative.

Buddha asked "What you did these 23 hours then? "

The young boy said "Since death is fast approaching me, I have been regretting all the sins that I have committed and have come to realize how I wasted my valuable life.I guess this realization has come to me way too late for me to do anything about it."

Buddha said " Don't worry. Your death is not about to happen now, it has been postponed. Spend the rest of your life in as meaningful and fulfilling a manner as possible and be kind to the others."

Moral of the Story:
Death is certain to all of us. It may come at any moment,in any shape and for any reason. Let us live with human values doing good things and being helpful to others.

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