Tuesday, May 1, 2012

3 types of Student who want to attain Perfection

There are 3 types of Student who want to attain Perfection


as we study as a Student we have different levels in Institute
one who study in school is a student
one who study in College is also a student
one who study in Univ is also a student
but all have different Levels & understanding on subject

in Spirituality Subject matter is to attain our lost relationship with Absolute Truth (Param Satya)

Transcedentalist have 4 level according to Vedic Sastra

0) Kermi = eat sleep sex defending

1) Gyani = Knowledgeable person 
Concept : Understand God as Light , or Brham jyoti 
Goal : want to merge in Light

2) Yogi = Penance & Austries of Yogic Siddhi
Concept : Understand God as Super Soul, or Parmatma
Goal : Attain Higher Planet


3) Bhakt / Devotee = Surrender with Love & Devotion
Concept : Absolute Truth is Bhagwan God with Personal Features
Gaol : to attain Love of Godhead by taking shelter of bonafide spiritual master of Disciplic Succession

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