Friday, June 6, 2008



Life is bound by opposites from all directions. When we see one side of life, we forget the other. When we are looking at one aspect of life, we become completely oblivious of the other. It is this error that is the greatest misfortune for most of us.

When one is attracted to a flower and looks at it, one never even glances at the thorn. When one looks at the thorn, one forgets the flower. The flower and the thorn grow on the same tree, the same branch. Both are fed and are alive because of the same roots. The same gardener waters them and the same sun shines on them. Both come from the same existence.

Although deep within both are one, when we look at the flower, we forget the very existence of the thorn and the more we forget the thorn, the sharper it pricks. When the thorn pricks, the flower vanishes from our vision and we are only aware of the prick and the pain of the thorn. Friends, we even forget that it was because of the flower that we had to suffer the prick of the thorn. We enjoy the beauty and fragrance of the flower, but the prick was the result.

Our vision is always partial. Partial vision is ignorance, it is incomplete. It sees and experiences only one half of the reality. The other half seems so contradictory that we cannot relate the one with the other. On the face of it, it is difficult to relate the opposites.

Friends, similarly one goes on seeking for the happiness in life & misery is the result.

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