Sunday, June 29, 2008

She Smiled and then Passed Out…

She Smiled and then Passed Out

When you donate blood in the UK they don't let you leave without sitting a while and having a cup of tea or juice and a biscuit. It helps restore your energy level and gives the nurses a chance to make sure you are okay afterwards.
Well, while I was taking some refreshment after donating, I noticed a young woman in the recovery area. Overhearing her conversation, I could tell this was her first time donating.
She had moved away from the main table and I saw her rest her head on a table. The nurses were all chatting to each other and not looking in her direction, so I said something to get her attention.
At the sound of my voice the young woman looked up. "Oh, are you all right?" I asked. She said she was fine and thanked me. But after smiling, she promptly passed out.
Luckily the nurses had been alerted. They caught her before she fell to the floor and lay her down on a bed. A few minutes later she was fine, but she could have hurt herself if she'd fallen. I never even left my seat (not wanting to get in the way of professionals), but I had the satisfaction of knowing I spoke up at exactly the right time.
As good deeds go it's not so big, but it does have the distinction of being the only good deed I've ever done while eating a chocolate biscuit!!!

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