Sunday, February 5, 2012

Do not entrust the house of your heart to the dog of mind and desire

Do not entrust the house of your heart to the dog of mind and desire. Do not think that such a dog can guard this house filled with GOD's qualities, this house of wisdom and love, of compassion, peace, and tranquility.
Anyone who entrusts his house to the dog will never attain serenity. This house does not need any guard but GOD. HE is the Father whose all gracious qualities and duties and actions, or vilayats, are always guarding the house of your heart.
As long as you raise such a dog within yourself, it will always be barking, and you will never know unity, harmony, or equality. You will never know love, compassion, peace, or tranquility. Those qualities will not grow within you. You will only know doubt, jealousy, envy, resentment, treachery, deceit, and the egoism of the “I”. You will only be able to do the work of a dog. Do not leave room for anything opposite to GOD to creep into your heart. Give HIM the sole responsibility for guarding that place. HE alone is responsible for HIS kingdom, HIS house, HIS property, and the wealth of the soul. If HE is the guard, you will have peace.
If you refuse to hand the kingdom of your soul over to mind and desire, that kingdom will be strong in peace. Then you will be able to complete all your lessons in the school of this world. You will understand justice, fairness, and love. You will come to understand yourself, your Father, and the freedom of your soul.
With your wisdom, catch that dog, control it, and then chain it behind the kitchen. Raise only the qualities and love of your Father. If you do this, you will have peace and tranquility. You will gain the comfort of wisdom and be happy. You will know the wealth of the love of GOD and appreciate the true value of that wealth. You will understand the ONE who is responsible for this kingdom.

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