Friday, April 4, 2008

Don't Carry Burden...

Two monks were walking together down an old road.

Soon they arrived at a river which crossed their path, and there a beautiful young woman approached them. She greeted the two monks politely and requested their help in crossing. She told them of her need to get to the other side of the river, and then went on to explain that crossing by herself would certainly wet and ruin her clothes.

At this, the first monk smiled pleasantly, and honored her request. He carried the young woman across the river on his shoulders and set her down on the other side. Afterward, the woman thanked him and was quite grateful for the kind act. And although the second monk didn't seem too pleased, because traditionally this could be construed as improper, the two monks bid farewell and continued along their way.

It was a good way down the road when the second monk turned to the first, with an angry expression upon his face. He could hold his tongue no longer. "How could you give in to temptation like that and carry that girl across the river? And so casually, at that."

To this the first monk replied without hesitation, "My dear brother, we left that nice young woman back there at the river crossing. Why are you still carrying her?"

This is what we do most of the time looking at others karmas keep on analyzing & criticizing & carrying the burden on our shoulders unnecessarily.

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