Wednesday, April 2, 2008



Since Arjuna had had banner of Shri Hanuman jee on his chariot, he has “Kapidhwaja” as his name.

One day Arjuna was just walking on the banks of a river. He saw an old Brahmin. He asked for his introduction, to which Brahmin replied that he is Ram Dass (servant of Lord Rama). Arjuna said sarcastically that the same Rama who could not arrange building of bridge and had to depend on monkey army for same. Arjuna boasted that if he could be in place of Rama, he could have made a bridge of his arrows and could have crossed the sea. To this Hanumanjee expressed his doubts and asked Arjuna to prove it by preparing bridge over the river, as he felt that if Arjuna could have made a bridge then, it could not have taken load of a single monkey and collapsed, what to speak of an entire army. Arjuna agreed to make a make a bridge by his arrows across the river. Let Hanuman cross it.

A bridge was prepared. Hanumanjee remembered Lord Rama and with much confidence put his step forward (with expectation that bridge would break). The bridge cracked but did not break. Hanuman jee was surprised as to why it did not break and why the Rama’s power was not working. Hanumanjee was disturbed and went under the bridge to find out the reason for same. On the other hand, Arjuna was also stunned. He remembered Lord Krishna and prayed to help in the matter, as it was matter of prestige of pandavas. He thought that the bridge cracked because of weight of a weak old Brahmin and what could be position if monkey army or more persons had to cross. He also went under the bridge to find out the reason.

Hanumanjee was astonished to see blood under the bridge as Lord Rama was taking load of and protecting the bridge. Arjuna saw Lord Krishna instead of Lord Rama there. Both were perplexed and after worshipping Lord, they prayed for edict.

Lord smiled and told that He is Krishna, He is Rama. Hanuman and Arjuna both are his blessed devotees. Lord wanted Hanuman jee to be present in chariot of Arjuna and protect/support him in Mahabharat.

Arjuna adopted banner of Hanumanjee and was known as Kapidhwaja…



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