Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Helping Movement

The Helping Movement

The Helping Movement is continuing to gain momentum and is proving to be an effective and easy to use resource for people in need as well as providing volunteers a unique opportunity to help their community on an individual basis.

Just recently a local Ithaca resident, Helen, was given until the end of March to remove all of her collected life belongings from her basement or her landlord would have been forced to dispose of the items due to fire code issues. These items meant the world to Helen and to lose any of them would have been devastating. After extensive searching for a place to store her belongings she was able to secure an affordable storage unit; but her next challenge was moving a completely full basement across town without access to a truck or manpower.

Helen contacted the Helping Movement and explained her dilemma. The Helping Movement was able to recruit six volunteers, including myself, and one truck to move her belongings the morning of March 29th. We arrived at 9:30am and the smile on Helen’s face was amazing. She was so taken back by the amount of support total strangers were willing to give her without asking for anything in return. The entire move took only about five hours, but the experience will be remembered for a lifetime.

People Helping People

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