Monday, April 14, 2008

Don't Collect the Shells

It is always said in the satsang that we should keep our ideal high...

An emperor had great wealth but had no children. So he thought that the best thing that he would do is to distribute his wealth among his people.

He therefore built a palace of five storey On the ground floor he put great piles of shells. On the first floor he put piles of rupees On the second gold... On the third he put pearls diamonds and other precious jewels and on the top storey he himself sat. He then announced his subjects that any body could come and take away what ever they wanted. Some came filled bags with shells from the ground floor some came and filled money from the first floor some went even to the second and third floor and happily filled their bags with gold and precious stones. One of the subjects thought that he would go up and see to the top floor what it contains... When he climbed to the top floor he found the emperor himself sitting on the throne...

The emperor was very very pleased to see him and the raja highly praised him for passing by the precious stones and coming up to himself... As a reward he gave him his kingdom and made him the emperor..
Our parmatma is also our satguru HE also does the same for HIS devotees..This human body is the palace in which we are satisfied with wordly things like wealth power position... So we are collecting only shells from the ground floor... Let us not be a slave to the worldly wealth... We should reach the top floor where our God in the form of satguru is sitting on the throne...
Have a great meditation


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