Thursday, May 8, 2008



Believe and Achieve

“No your highness, not me, if you want to honour me for what I am, than you will have to honour my teacher Annie Sullivan” said Helen Keller. “She made me believe in me and my self!”.

However, when Annie Sullivan was being praised by Queen Victoria for having made Helen Keller a brand all over the world, Annie said “No your highness, not me, if it wasn’t for the nurse who brought me out of the shambles in which I was, I would still be a mental wreck in the mental asylum – hitting and tearing into people. The nurse showed me the power of unconditional love and helped me believe in myself!”

The single factor which helps people to be their best and work towards bettering the best in them is ‘Belief in Self”. Because they were told they could do it, they did not find any reason to doubt. They were just encouraged and they developed confidence in themselves. The concentration was on the possibility rather than on the failure.

The common words which we hear today – Don’t, Cant, Shouldn’t, etc were not used by these winners and their coaches. These words are precursors to failures. Everyday was an adventure rather than a ritual. They focused on the achievements rather than on the failures. The simple formulae for success is – love people, encourage them, believe in them and be ready to fend and tend them during times of need. Success is guaranteed.

Ajit Kaikini – Director, Growth & Corporate Training

A motivational speaker who inspires his audience to

Better their Best!

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