Monday, May 12, 2008

The Race...

I remember the moment like it was yesterday. I had just attended a difficult board meeting at Successories that morning and was scheduled to meet our banker in the afternoon for what promised to be another challenging meeting. In short, it was a rough time in my life. I stopped by my office before my next meeting, and sitting on top of my stack of mail was a letter from Vince Lombardi, Jr. (the son of the legendary coach) whom I had known for a few years. I opened the letter and there was a short note saying, "Mac, you're going to love this poem as much as I do. It's called The Race, and to me, it teaches life's greatest lesson."

I began to read, and for the next few minutes I was mesmerized. When I finished, I had goose bumps and tears. Maybe it was the timing as to what was going on in my life, but my soul was receptive and this simple story provided an "Aha!" moment. It helped to give me the courage and belief I needed to fight through the adversity I was facing.

The Race

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AMAR said...

Completing target should be the motto, Seniors/Guardians must encourage their wards/juniors that they have got capabilities, they can achiev the aim/target. So donot leave.