Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Pawn

The Pawn

Once there was a pawn who wanted to be independent. He was sad, and chafed against his limitations. These rules are so unfair, said the little pawn. I can only move forward, and then only one space at a time, except for my first move.

Furthermore, complained the little pawn, I cannot attack an opponent directly in front of me, nor beside me, nor behind me. I can only attack at the front angle to the right or left. This is s-o unfair!

How the little pawn pined and longed to be a bishop or a knight. Sometimes, he even longed to be a rook. It was just so irritating to have to be linked to other pawns to have any strength. The little pawn wanted to be able to stand on his own and have an impact on the contest, instead of being a disposable, lowly pawn.

As the game progressed, the little pawn advanced and advanced. He helped his team by holding his spot. For, as lowly as he was, no other stronger piece in the opponent's team cared to be sacrificed for a mere pawn. Such strength! To be so lowly the enemy would not attack the little pawn for fear of its losses.

Finally, the little pawn was standing on the 7th rank. Suddenly, the chessmaster spoke to the little pawn: you will now bring victory for our team. For of ALL the pieces on the board, only the insignificant, lowly pawns have the potential to become the strongest of them all, a queen!

We are all like pawns: in the greater overall events of the world and history, we are insignificant. And, we all lean upon something. Some lean upon alcohol. Some lean upon material possessions. Some lean upon prozac.

But to become a victor in this life, the only true leaning post is Almighty God. The peace of God is found in fulfilling the created purpose of God for our lives: Do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.



Contributed by: Smitha Ji (Smitha Visakhan )

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