Saturday, May 31, 2008

Message for every parent

~*~Message for every parent~*~

Give your children the right guidance in life, instill good values and encourage them to raise great and noble thoughts. Teach them to be kind, compassionate and generous along with being smart and fashionable. Teach them to love unconditionally and serve elders. Teach them to be kind to servants, and not be rude and loud mouthed to them. Teach them to appreciate the goodness in every being. Teach them never to lie. Teach them that truth is loved by God and to be truthful at all times. Teach them about God, let them know about the Heavenly Father and what He wants from them. Teach them about the law of karma. That Good begets good and bad begets bad. So that they are aware of things and the way things should be done. Teach them that the way to the Lord is through prayer and good deeds, and that one should never refrain from doing so. Teach them that they are always in God's eyes and that nothing goes unnoticed by God the Almighty.

Teach them to respect you, first. Tell them what being a parent is and that every child will be a parent someday. Give them the facts about life. Teach them simple living and high thinking. Teach them that too much expenditure is not correct and that one should learn to save, and give to the needy whenever possible. Teach them that they are blessed to be born under your guidance and care and that many parents are unable to guide their children in the right direction.

Teach that that enjoyment in life is good but not at anothers expense. Inculcate the habit of reading in them at an early age. Teach them that books are an ocean of knowledge, which will help them to shape and mould their lives rightly. Keep a watch on what they read.

Guide them to take care of themselves and live rightly. Keep their eating habits healthy, by giving them enough fruits and salads. Set good examples for your children by playing a role model for them. Teach them to be alert and aware in life .

Also most important, give them a good knowledge about spirituality and about faith in God the Creator. God has placed a huge responsibility of raising great kids on your head, be not failures in His eyes. Teach your children to be humble and sweet, noble and kind.Give them various examples about the lives of God and their living, and tell them that even they have to be just like them. When you set high standards and goals for yourself, be sure that you will definitely reach somewhere close to it. Do not think small of yourself or your children. Do not be discouraged when your efforts go unnoticed by your children or others around, there is a Great Someone who watches over your attempts and sincere efforts at all times. And in due time will definitely pay you rich rewards. Give them your love, time and affection.

Parents you are blessed to be parents, so go ahead and raise beautiful children.

May the Heavenly Father bless all your efforts, and may they all be fruitful.

Stay Happy,Peaceful and Blessed.

Contributed by: Anju Jethwaney

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