Thursday, May 8, 2008



You could do any of these three things:

- Sit in a boat and let the current take you…

- Sit in the boat and use the oars for control…

- Sit in the boat and fix sails for speed & control…

The wind blows and the sails fill out, allowing you to steer the boat. However, if you are caught in the current, you are at its mercy! The current takes you where it wants.

You are the boat. Would you like to steer yourself or be driven? Do you know where you want to go? Do you really need to go there? This want/need is a strange thing, something we let society tell us all the time.

We want to avoid discomfort and are willing to let society dictate our thoughts and run our lives. We let the current sweep us along, and suddenly we are falling, hurtling down the waterfall! Stress & Strain. Imagine the strain a trained horse will have trying to climb the tree. The smallest squirrel will have a cake run…

What went wrong? Did you listen to what society said you should do?

It is not what society said alone that works. It is how we act on what we hear! Be the wind and fill the sails, even if society is the wind – YOU steer! Shut out the clutter from the outside and listen to the tiny voice within – the in-tution!

Drive with the wind, don’t be driven!


Ajit Kaikini – Director, Growth & Corporate Training

A motivational speaker who inspires his audience to

Better their Best!

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