Friday, May 23, 2008


A man was wandering in dense woods when he caught sight of a tiger and he started running as fast as he could as the tiger chased him. He couldn’t see ahead and fell into a dry well and as he was falling he caught the root of a tree which was growing from its wall. He thought to go down in dry well and take rest and to wait for the tiger to loose hope and go away, but then he saw a snake lying down there. He had no other option but to hold the branch tightly as there was snake ready to bite him at the bottom and the tiger on the top. He thought he couldn’t do anything to snake but he would wait for the tiger to leave and then he would try to go up and save himself. Then suddenly he saw there were two rats – one black and one white – biting the root of the branch. This way the branch was getting weaker – and sooner it would crash down. Then he saw there were honey drops on leaves of the branch. He stretched himself and tasted it-it tasted so sweeet !!

This is our life. The tiger- representing Kaal is always chasing us, the snake – certain death - which is waiting for us, the branch – the little life we got as a hope, the rats –black and white – representing day and night, slowly cutting the little life thus getting us closer to certain death – and we just try to escape from this truth and try find comfort in sensual pleasures, this way escaping from naked truth.

There is only one way, one hope for us to be saved. We need to drop this escaping attitude, to face the reality as it is and try to get a way out of it instead of getting absorbed in sensual pleasures. There are hidden wings which GOD has given us, his Name. We need to put whole effort to open it, to learn flying and this way escape from all miseries.

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